Eco-Friendly Ways of Preserving Our Resort’s Surroundings


The team at Big Cedar knows just how special a place this is and we are proud of our environmental efforts that enhance the beauty that surrounds us. 

The gardens at Big Cedar are the result of hard work and tender care provided by a group of skilled people. Our landscaping team’s motto is, “Take care of the soil, don’t worry about the plants.” To create and nurture rich soil in which to grow our gardens, we compost with our vast supply of horse manure, any plant or grass clippings and a plentiful supply of vegetable and fruit waste from the kitchens. We also fertilize with organic fertilizer in the spring and fall. 

When creating your own gardens, remember you can plant anytime during the growing season as long as great care is taken to keep roots moist – not wet. For best results you should plant in the spring or fall. When planting in the fall of the year, it is best to allow at least six weeks for the roots to settle before a freeze occurs. 

Recycling & Energy Saving

We have developed an Environmental Plan to ensure a high degree of environmental quality within daily operations. This plan accommodates a variety of management practices, due to the diversity of the micro environments associated with the Big Cedar Lodge property. We promote ecologically sound land management and conservation of our natural resources, beginning with the associates of Big Cedar Lodge, then encouraging and educating our guests as well as the community. 

The objective of this plan is to develop practices that will play a critical role in conserving resources, reducing waste, and enhancing and protecting wildlife habitats. Sustainable resource management must create a pattern of human activity that can be supported indefinitely. It must be synonymous with progress that leads to becoming less dependent on non-renewable resources. The six major areas Big Cedar Lodge concentrates on are wildlife and habitat management, chemical product use, water management, energy efficiency, waste management, and education and outreach. 

Here are some of the ways Big Cedar is helping the environment: 

  • Recycling of cardboard, office paper, plastic, aluminum and metals.
  • Recycling of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass.
  • Towel re-use program, bed linen, and guest recycling in the guest rooms.
  • Low-flow devices and low-flow toilets to conserve water.
  • Participating Property, “Clean the World” to recycle soap products and distribute to third world countries.
  • Installed a Dual-flush Toilet system to minimize water waste.


Big Cedar takes great efforts to try and minimize the amount of trash taken to the landfills by recycling. Every effort is made to try to purchase items that can be recycled such as our Big Cedar plastic cups. Currently, we are able to recycle aluminum, tin, plastic, paper products, and cardboard. These products are all taken to a local recycling center and are then dispersed to manufacturers that make recycled products. So, whether you’re working in a restaurant, office, or other department, join us in helping the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling. 


Here’s a secret: do you know why the flowers look so great at Big Cedar and Top of the Rock? It’s because we make our own dirt! The landscaping department collects manure from the stables, leaves and grass from around property, kitchen waste such as cantaloupe rinds and vegetables, and then we add some ashes from the fireplaces and put it all in a big pile with dirt. 

Over several months to almost a year the microorganisms in the materials break down and eat the waste, which gives off heat. The temperature inside the compost pile can get as high as 150 degrees. The pile is turned and mixed with a front-end loader once a month. At the end of 11-12 months, the pile has completely broken down and is now ready to be used as dirt in the flowerbeds. Besides getting rid of a lot of our waste, compost piles can do the following:

  • Improve the soil structure in your garden or yard.
  • Enhance the nutrients of your soil.
  • Improve the chemistry of your soil, particularly the degree of acidity (pH).
  • Insulate the changes in soil temperature around plants and trees.
  • Improve insect/disease resistance in your garden plants and trees.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious commodity and that’s why Big Cedar has taken several steps to insure that we are taking care of this natural resource. Big Cedar has made a considerable investment in the completion of a new state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, which treats every bit of water that has been used by Big Cedar and the Wilderness Club. This ensures that we put only clean water back into Table Rock Lake. 

Our Laundry department is another area where we have made a considerable investment to try and conserve water. Our state-of-the-art CBW washer and dryer system uses almost half of the water a typical washer uses. Other ways we conserve water is by recycling our waterfalls throughout the property and Top of the Rock and by teaching our guests about water conservation by asking guests to reuse towels through in-room signage.


Near the Grandview Conference Center, we have small herb and vegetable gardens that we have planted. We regularly use these gardens to help sustain our herbs and spices for Devil's Pool, Buzzard Bar, Worman House, and Truman House.  

“We all live downstream.”

– John L. Morris

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